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A WordPress theme based on the UCLA Design System

Welcome to the official UCLA WordPress Theme documentation website. It was built using the WordPress CMS and the UCLA theme and plugin. This theme is supported by the UCLA Strategic Communications Digital Team and based on the UCLA Design System.

For more contact information and updates on the larger UCLA Design System project and to report issues, please see Brand Guidelines.

2 overlapping screenshots, 1 of a website made with the WordPress theme over the WordPress admin view.

News & Updates

March 19, 2024

v2.1.0 Release

A minor release of the WordPress Bundle is now available to download. The changes can be seen in the changelog.


The following features are being worked on for a subsequent release. All design and UI elements are taken from the latest version of the UCLA Design System. See the Design System Roadmap for design changes or additions happening upstream.

  • Custom post types & connection to cards